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3 New Yeast Strains & Sale (3/11/17)!
Omega Yeast Labs
1. British Ale V (Compares to Wyeast London Ale III)
2. Belgian Saison II (Compares to Wyeast Farmhouse Ale)
3. Tropical Ale (Compares to White Labs Saccharomyces "Bruxellensis" Trois)

10 lb. bags Crisp 77L @ $9.10 per bag

William Crisp Crystal 77L edges toward a darker crystal malt, perfect for imparting colors of deep golden to dark red; right in line with Amber ales or hoppy red IPA’s, but suitable for anything teetering towards “dark”. Notes of caramel sweetness come through, while head retention, mouthfeel and body are also assisted. The longer kilning of this malt also imparts some roasty notes within the malty sweetness.

1st Brew Of 2018: 19.5 lbs in the Robobrew
5 Gallons Imperial Stout

New Year's Eve Hop Pellets Special!
8 oz. @ $9 ea.
Cascade, Centennial, CTZ, East Kent Golding, Fuggle, Galena, Magnum & Saaz

8 oz. @ $11 ea.
Amarillo, Citra, El Dorado, Galaxy & Mosaic

New Year's Eve Special!
Great Western Domestic 2-Row Malt
50 lbs. @ $39.99
A great base malt that can be used in single infusion mashes. Provides for a soft malt character in the finished beer. Used by a majority of the West Coast microbreweries as their base malt for multiple styles. This malt is also the first substitute for someone looking for 6-row malt.

New Arrival! $279.95
Chapman Brewing Equipment's fully insulated,10 Gallon SS Mash Tun (15 & 20 gallon available upon request).
-Insulated Stainless Steel Mash Tun
-Recirculation port 2 inches from the rim
-Ports are 1/2" NPT externally and reduced to 3/8" NPT internally
-Ball valve, false bottom, and thermometer all included
-*Cannot be directly heated from an external source