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1st Brew Of 2018: 19.5 lbs in the Robobrew
5 Gallons Imperial Stout

New Year's Eve Hop Pellets Special!
8 oz. @ $9 ea.
Cascade, Centennial, CTZ, East Kent Golding, Fuggle, Galena, Magnum & Saaz

8 oz. @ $11 ea.
Amarillo, Citra, El Dorado, Galaxy & Mosaic

New Year's Eve Special!
Great Western Domestic 2-Row Malt
50 lbs. @ $39.99
A great base malt that can be used in single infusion mashes. Provides for a soft malt character in the finished beer. Used by a majority of the West Coast microbreweries as their base malt for multiple styles. This malt is also the first substitute for someone looking for 6-row malt.

New Arrival! $279.95
Chapman Brewing Equipment's fully insulated,10 Gallon SS Mash Tun (15 & 20 gallon available upon request).
-Insulated Stainless Steel Mash Tun
-Recirculation port 2 inches from the rim
-Ports are 1/2" NPT externally and reduced to 3/8" NPT internally
-Ball valve, false bottom, and thermometer all included
-*Cannot be directly heated from an external source

UBrew Hours beginning December 1:
Sa & Sunday 930am-230pm
M to F 230-630pm